Warwick Archers – Location Directions

Warwick and District Archers are located on Ford Rd, Rosenthal Heights, Warwick QLD 4370. Easiest access is via Glen Road from central Warwick and then turn left onto Ford Road. https://goo.gl/maps/9xTbo9JqVfHEx4qJ7

The Archers have a very large site on the western side of Ford Road. Facilities are good, including, dining pavilion, basic kitchen, tank water, flushing toilets, hot shower, large camping area, plenty of open space and good dark sky. The site is also only 15 minutes drive from Warwick and all its services. The sky is surprisingly dark even this close to Warwick.

However, please be aware there is no 240V power and no true overnight accommodation. Plenty of space for camping and also a swag on the dining pavilion floor is an option.

If BAS members demonstrate sufficient interest in the location we will explore opportunities to create accommodation on-site.