Proposed Update of the BAS Constitution

BAS is an incorporated association under the Queensland Associations Incorporation Act 1981.  As such the Association and your Management Committee must operate under and abide by the rules of its Constitution.  The original BAS Constitution was written and adopted over 30 years ago and has only been slightly modified, just once or twice, since then.

Thirty years ago the Internet and email did not exist. However technology, expectations and time-availability have changed considerably since then and your Management Committee finds some clauses of our Constitution now complicate their ability to efficiently administer the many aspects of BAS. As a result your Management Committee has conducted a review of the Constitution and identified clauses it would like to modify.

The process for modifying the Constitution is defined by the 1981 Act. Any proposed changes must be put before BAS members as a special resolution at an ordinary general meeting and be accepted by the members.  The modified Constitution must then be lodged with the Queensland Government Office of Fair Trading and accepted.  This process can take some time to complete and your Management Committee would like to have the proposed changes in place before the next Annual General Meeting scheduled for September 8th this year.

BAS Members can help speed this process by reading and considering the proposed changes in advance of attending an Ordinary General Meeting, at this stage likely to be the July 7th meeting, to discuss and vote of the changes.  

The complete Constitution with proposed modifications is available to download or read as a PDF document on the BAS website here: Click HERE




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