BAS Twitter/X Account

BAS has a Twitter/X account. This might be a useful inter-member communications channel. Members may message each other using some specific BAS #tags. This may make make it easier for members to see if other members also plan to attend specific BAS events.

The name of the BAS account is: @BrisAstronomy

A few hash-tags #tags have been created for the main events BAS conducts:

Mount Coot-tha Public Nights = #BASCootha
Maleny Observatory Nights = #BASMaleny
Calvert Model Aero Nights = #BASCalvert
Cunningham Lookout Nights = #BASCunningham
Warwick Archers Nights = #BASWarwick
School Nights = #BASSchool

By posting on Twitter/X using a tag such as #BASMaleny, and saying you plan on attending a Maleny Observatory evening, other Twitter/X users can search for the #BASMaleny tag and see the messages left by members, and add to the converation. This may make planning attendance at an evening a bit more transparent.