Beyond the Moon

Author:  Paolo Maffei

Man’s landing on the moon was an enormous technological achievement, but it was only a small step into the vastness of space. This highly readable book invites enterprising amateurs of science to go along on an imaginary continuation of that journey, as successively larger and more venturesome steps are taken—beyond the moon to the sun and planets, to the stars and galaxies, to the outer limits of the known universe and of human knowledge.

The book examines along its route the structure and internal processes of the sun, the planets and their satellites, the comets and asteroids, Alpha Centauri, double and multiple stars, white dwarfs, red giants, neutron stars, novae and supernovae, the Magellanic clouds, the Andromeda nebula, globular clusters, the Seyfert galaxies, galactic explosions, quasars, the interpretation of the red shift as evidence that the universe is expanding, and the curvature of space-time, that finite but unlimited matrix of reality.