Cambridge Atlas of the Constellations

Author: Michael Bakich

Details of what figures do the constellations of the sky represent, the properties of the stars and what that they comprise and where in the sky they can be found. Details in the book enable constellations to be readily compared.

Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book!  Constellations are not new to astronomy. Even before the era of printing, patterns of stars have been recognized by humans and their histories have been passed on from generation to generation, culture to culture. This book is the ultimate constellation reference book. Finally, a book exists that brings together a variety of information about constellations, including: the size, visibility, and relative brightness of all eighty-eight constellations; former locations of extinct constellations; the number of visible stars in each constellation; and more. Using tables, this information is presented in the first part of the book so that constellations can be readily compared and a general view of them developed. In the second part of the book, each constellation is taken in turn, with a star chart and map illustrating the associated celestial figure, supported by a comprehensive list of essential properties. This highly illustrated volume provides the most complete reference to date covering all aspects of the constellations and will be helpful for astronomers, both amateur and professional, educators and science writers.                                                                                                                                         Industry Reviews:                                                                                                                                    A fascinating cornucopia of constellation facts and figures …’ Adrian Ashford, New Scientist ‘ … one of the best … a lot of goodies for every amateur astronomer, both for the observing one and for the armchair astronomer … All of us have something to learn from this excellent book.’ Jan Sandstrom, Astronomi and Raumfahrt ‘If you want to have a reference book about constellations, then you want to have this book on your shelves.’ Pam Spence, Astronomy Now ‘The book has some novel ideas for the presentation of a wealth of unusual material and I found no mistakes. It is not a bedside book for browsing. It is a work to reside on a shelf for reference, mostly for amateur astronomers’ use, but also for anyone with an interest in the stars.’ Paul Murdin,Times Higher Education Supplement.