BAS Observing Nights Recommence

2020 Observing Nights Get Started - Again

Saturday July 18th, 2020, a memorable night.

COVID-19 has delivered us a very disrupted year.  BAS hopes all of its members, and their families, have escaped the worst aspects of the disruption and everyone is safe and well. However, we have all been starved of telescope and astro-camera time under the stars in recent months. But last Saturday night delivered at least one form of antidote to our frustrations.

Our members conducted members-only observing evenings at our Maleny Golf Club and Harding’s Paddock sites. The sky was exceptionally clear and steady – exactly what we needed. Both sites were well supported by members and the planets put on a show for everyone.

Maleny plans to conduct another members-only night on Saturday, July 25th.  So, start packing your gear. You might just get to glimpse a comet too.