The Facts on File Dictionary of ASTRONOMY

Editor: Valerie Illingworth

Now in its third edition, The Facts on File Dictionary of Astronomy has been extensively revised and expanded by a team of professional astronomers. Its more than 3.000 entries reflect the latest scholarship in the field as well as the most recent developments in space technology and research. The Hubble space telescope, the Magellan space probe, and Jupiter’s rings are among the 1,000plus entries added since the second edition of the dictionary was published. Entries on theories about origin and evolution of the Universe, the formation and distribution of the galaxies, and the birth and death of stars have been modified to demonstrate current understanding of the Universe. Over 100 diagrams round out this accurate and authoritative reference.
Like its previous editions, The Facts On File Dictionary of Astronomy will prove to be an essential resource for students, teachers, researches, professionals and amateur astronomers, as well as the general reader with an interest in astronomy.