The Schmidt–Cassegrain Telescope – Explained

At our May 2019 general meeting, BAS member, Doug Edwards, delivered an excellent explanation of the design and features of the Schmidt–Cassegrain Telescope (SCT). Doug explained how the design was adapted for amateur telescope production and reviewed the design’s many positive attributes, and its few deficiencies. In short, the design is a good choice for planetary and deep-space observing when matched with a good tracking mount. It is capable of combining large aperture with ease of transport and setup while delivering excellent observing. Doug explained he concentrates on visual astronomy, rather than astrophotography, as the standard SCT has a very long focal length, and some field curvature issues, that can make astrophotography a little challenging. If you would like to learn more about the SCT you will often find Doug and his scope at one of our Maleny events – he’d be delighted to let you take a look through his scope and answer your questions.