Tripod Astrophotography

At our June 2019 monthly meeting, Mark Culley, professional photographer and highly accomplished astrophotographer , captured everyone’s attention with his stunning wide-field astro-photos and tutorial talk. Mark’s talk focused on tripod dslr astrophotography using tracked and untracked approaches. His tracked photos utilised the amazing Skywatcher Star Adventurer mount and his untracked photos just relied on a sturdy tripod and Rule of 500 . Mark has scouted the Scenic Rim region, south-west of Brisbane, to locate many locations that can bring landscape and night sky together to stunning effect. You might almost say his photos are “out of this world”. Mark ended his talk with an offer to organise an evening, perhaps near Moogerah Dam, for BAS members to learn from the master. Thank you, Mark. All we need now is for the clouds to clear.

Mark Culley explaining one of his stunning astro-photos.