Viewing and Imaging the Solar System

Author: Jane Clark and Patrick Moore

A Guide for Amateur Astronomers

‘Viewing and Imaging the Solar System: A Complete Guide for Amateur Astronomers’ is for amateur astronomers who are beginners or who want to move beyond the beginner level and develop better observing skills. Newcomers to astronomy are almost always wowed by sights such as the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter, but have little idea how to find Solar System objects for themselves, or what equipment they will need to see or even photograph such objects. This book makes it easy for less advanced astronomers to achieve success quickly by observing and photographing the Solar System rather than trying to find deep sky objects. It is written by an expert on the Solar System, who gained experience by teaching others how to make the most of relatively simple and low-cost equipment. This book presents the material in a way that is both easy to digest and entertaining. Its goal is to help the reader get the most out of observing and photographing a variety of Solar System objects, from the Moon and easily observable major planets and moons to the harder to observe smaller planets, asteroids, and comets.                                                                                     

Industry Reviews                         

“If you happen to be a young amateur astronomer just starting out with astronomy and observing, then this book might be a good read … . gives a quick and short overview of what a beginner observer might need to know or think of before heading outside on a cold clear night. … if you want to start out a new hobby of astrophotography without any prior knowledge about the night sky, it’s the book to go to.” (Kadri Tinn,, November, 2014)