Calvert Aero Modelling Field – Directions

How to Find Your Way to the Calvert Observing Site

The location is recognised by two names searchable within Google Maps:

  • Calvert Aero Modelling Society
  • Gratton Field

If driving from Brisbane, head for Rosewood. Then take the Rosewood Laidley Rd west for 7.6km. Just after the first right-hand curve in the road look for two small bus stop shelters. Immediately after turn left into Calvert Station Road, cross the rail line and creek and immediately turn left into Bourke Rd, West. Proceed 260m to a gate entrance on the right with two white flag poles. Drive down the lane at no more than 20kph and you have arrived.

Google Maps link to Calvert location: HERE  Search Google maps with either of these terms: “Calvert Aero Modelling Society” or “Gratton Field”

Waht3Words link to Calvert location: HERE or here:

Calvert entrance gate with two white flag poles.

The Calvert site has excellent facilities:

  • Kitchen with microwave ovens, BBQ facilities, refrigerators.
  • 240v power and running water
  • Dining hall with tables and chairs
  • Toilets and shower facilities
  • 240v power is also available along the flying field awnings
  • Extensive flat mown grassed areas.
Some of the main facilities at the Calvert Aeromodelling Field.
Kitchen and dining hall area.