BAS Twitter/X Account

BAS has a Twitter/X account. This might be a useful inter-member communications channel. Members may message each other using some specific BAS #tags. This may make make it easier for members to see if other members also plan to attend specific BAS events.

The name of the BAS account is: @BrisAstronomy

A few hash-tags #tags have been created for the main events BAS conducts:

Mount Coot-tha Public Nights = #BASCootha
Maleny Observatory Nights = #BASMaleny
Calvert Model Aero Nights = #BASCalvert
Cunningham Lookout Nights = #BASCunningham
Warwick Archers Nights = #BASWarwick
School Nights = #BASSchool

By posting on Twitter/X using a tag such as #BASMaleny, and saying you plan on attending a Maleny Observatory evening, other Twitter/X users can search for the #BASMaleny tag and see the messages left by members, and add to the converation. This may make planning attendance at an evening a bit more transparent.

Warwick Archers – Location Directions

Warwick and District Archers are located on Ford Rd, Rosenthal Heights, Warwick QLD 4370. Easiest access is via Glen Road from central Warwick and then turn left onto Ford Road. Access is via either Ford Road (turn into Glen Road adjacent to Warwick Hospital and proceed to the Ford Road turn off) or Kingsleigh Road from the New England Highway.

The Archers have a very large site on the western side of Ford Road. Facilities are good, including, dining pavilion, basic kitchen, tank water, flushing toilets, hot shower, large camping area, plenty of open space and good dark sky. The site is also only 15 minutes drive from Warwick and all its services. The sky is surprisingly dark even this close to Warwick. Find more information about the site HERE.

However, please be aware there is no 240V power and no true overnight accommodation. Plenty of space for camping and also a swag on the dining pavilion floor is an option.

If BAS members demonstrate sufficient interest in the location we will explore opportunities to create accommodation on-site.

Cunningham Lookout – Location Directions

Cunningham Lookout is a compact telescope setup area about 40km south of Ipswich along the Cunningham Highway and 3.5km west of Warrill View.  Turn right at Warrill View onto the Rosewood-Warrill View Road.  The entrance track to the lookout (on your left) is half-way up the first hill after departing Warrill View.

It is recommended that you bring a camp chair and table, or something similar, as this site offers zero facilities.  A little comfort, and keeping your gear off the dusty ground and damp grass, is a good thing.

Google Map link:

What3Word map link:

Oxley Creek Common, Rocklea – Directions

Oxley Creek Common is an environmental parkland area located on Sherwood Road, Rocklea, about 500m west of the Rocklea fruit and Vegetable markets.   Google Maps link:

The Common has a good facilities building with BBQ, water, toilets, 240v power. There is also plenty of room to setup telescopes. The format of these nights will be casual. We may run a short Powerpoint talk on some nights. But the focus will be on helping BAS members to progress their interest in astronomy and learn how to use telescopes and other astronomy and astrophotography equipment. The formats of these casual evening will evolve over time as BAS members bring new topics and issues forward for wider involvement.