Star Hunters

Author: Dennis Mamana

The quest to discover the secrets of the universe. Star Hunters is an exciting journey through time and space. You’ll find beautiful photography, insightful historical notes, and up-to-date scientific information, makes Star Hunters the complete story of our links to the sky.

Gaze into the night sky with Nicolaus Copernicus, or journey to Saturn with Voyager 2 mission team. In Star Hunters you’ll meet the men and women whose inventions and discoveries have expanded our knowledge of the universe. From the efforts of the Chinese and Greeks through the revolutionary work of Einstein and beyond, here is the rich history of astronomy. Featuring a lively text, beautiful colour photographs, current scientific information, and predictions for the twenty-first century, Star Hunter is the story of history’s celestial explorers and a complete guidebook to the exciting, ever-changing world of astronomy.