Stars and Planets

Author: Ian Ridpath

The Book is divided into four parts: general introduction to astronomy; a detailed guide to the Solar System; an alphabetical catalogue of the constellations; a month-by month companion to the night sky. Sample pages from three main sections (excluding the Introduction). Further explanation appears at the start of each section.
Introduction (PP.6-24) General information on astronomy.
The Solar System (PP.25-62) This section contains descriptions of the nine planets, Sun and Moon, and the more significant smaller bodies. It also includes advice on how and where to find them.
The Constellations (PP.63-141) Entries on the 88 constellations are arranged alphabetically by name. Collectively, the charts in this section form a complete atlas of the sky. The text describes the origins of the constellations and selected features of interest.
Monthly Sky Guide (PP.142-215) An introduction to each month, with easy-to-use charts and descriptions of what to look out for, is followed by more detailed charts of the night sky as seen from northern and southern latitudes.