Discover the Night Sky

Author: Robin Kerrod

This four-part introduction to star watching is the work of astronomer Robin Kerrod. It consists of a planisphere, two 128-page spiral-bound books and a torch, all packed into a sturdy case. The planisphere is two rotating discs fixed one above the other. It shows the constellations at different times during each night of the year and is designed to work best at latitude 35 degrees south. The first of the two manuals, Mapping the Skies, expands on whats shown on the planisphere. It has an introduction to the main constellations of each hemisphere as well as a chapter dedicated to the regular celestial patterns that coincide with each month of the year. Within each chapter are more star maps, photographs of key features and information about the constellations. The second book, The Star Guide, covers some of the more fundamental principles of astronomy and describes the different types of telescopes used to view our skies. It also looks at the stars and the planets of our solar system (and our exploration of it) in more detail; includes helpful tips for people interested in buying a telescope; and lists the 88 visible constellations and important dates in the history of astronomy. Discover the Night Sky is a simple, practical introduction to astronomy for beginning enthusiasts. It contains lots of good reading, and the planisphere will help newcomers orientation. Its readers will probably next find themselves investing in a decent telescope – and batteries for the torch.